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Earth Life/Century

We just celebrated the 40th anniversary Earth Day.  Earth Day has been a remarkable creation that, over the last 40 years, created awareness of environmental issues.  As with many other issues, a coordinated, well promoted day long event has worked well in this media saturated world.  Pick a date, work tirelessly for months, create awareness and provoke large numbers of citizens to take part, take action and demonstrate, all to highlight a cause.

As someone who has written numerous columns on my blog about alternative energy, I was inundated these past few weeks with companies, publishers, PR agents, architects, energy start-ups …

Google Won

In the conflict with China over net censorship and cyber attacks, Google won.

I know the media continues to cover this story as an on-going one as it may pertain to Google’s business, their competitor’s opportunities and attempts at describing the Great Fire Wall of China and how it operates.  That is just news media noise..

As a futurist I try to provide readers here with a “future look at today”.  Looking through the lens of the future, Google won.  Historians in the 2020s will look back at the last 3 months of confrontational dancing between Google and the Chinese government and …

The last column here about 20th versus 21st century generated not only on-line comments but many more offline conversations with people.  It does seem to be a way for non-futurists to separate what is steeped in legacy and what is new and forward facing.

It was with this mind set that I went to a concert last Saturday night.  The performer I saw could not have existed in the 20th century.  He was the first truly 21st century musician and entertainer I have ever seen.

My son Christopher has been raving about That1Guy for three years, ever since …