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Perhaps the most significant event in global health care for 2014 occurred on February 25.  This was the day that Health City Cayman Islands had it’s grand opening.  Health City is a new way to think of health care and health care delivery.  It has within it the power to change or at the least openly challenge the way Americans think about hospitals and major surgery.

The visionary behind HCCI is Dr. Devi Shetty.  Dr. Shetty is easily the most famous and transformative surgeon in India and one of the most recognized surgeons in the world.  He …

Forecasts – Part Three

[This column was first published in the Shift Age Newsletter #27 ]

This is the third and final of columns that look at the forecasts I have made relative to things that might happen through 2013.  As pointed out in the first two columns, the real purpose is to analyze why forecasts were correct and if not why not and what this might mean looking forward.

As stated in the first column:

“..most people, and certainly people who lead institutions and companies, are interested in what will happen six months to five years out as that is what is their primary …

Is Privacy Dead?

The fast and easy answer is yes.  The privacy our parents and grandparents had is no longer.  The privacy we still have in pockets of our lives will not be available to our children and grandchildren. The historical definition of privacy that has existed for centuries no longer exists.

In the last seven years I have written and spoken about privacy and whether we will have any in the future.  In 2006, before the iPhone and all the hand held computing that has followed, I wrote a column titled “Technology Advances, Privacy Declines”.  As I wrote in a recent …

This column first appeared in the Shift Age Newsletter.

Regardless of what transpires in the geo-political landscape relative to the civil war in Syria, it may well be looked upon as a pivot point for citizens of the United States.  This could be the beginning of a necessary and critical conversation about the future of the country in the Shift Age and, longer term, in the 21st century.

Twenty years ago the United States “won” the Cold War.  Twelve years ago the country was attacked by Al Qaeda.  This prompted the country to enter two wars in Islamic countries.  It …